As I’ve said here before, Brian Spencer is a fundamentally bad, dishonest person.

A wealthy downtown insider, he’s used to getting his way; to using his money and influence to get people to do what he wants. Backroom deals are business as usual for Spencer.

That’s why, when Spencer decided to run for mayor earlier this year and wanted my friend Drew Buchanan out of the race, Spencer didn’t try to win Drew over on policy or argue that he was a better candidate β€” he just tried to buy us off with jobs.

It wasn’t the first time β€” in the weeks leading up to his announcement, Spencer texted that if Drew dropped out and backed him instead, he’d make me a “key person” on his campaign and Drew and I would “end up on the winning team.” At another point, he insinuated that he’d endorse Drew for his District 6 council seat if he switched from the mayor’s race: “Drew District 6! Brian For Mayor! 😈,” he texted.

Going back even further,Β to 2017, Spencer hired Pulse Gulf Coast, the company Drew and I owned, to create a new website for his architecture firm. It’s the kind of work Drew and I have done for several other small business clients, and I had no reason to think it was anything other than business. I found out later that Spencer β€” perhaps even then planning a run for mayor β€” apparently gave us the work as some kind of attempt to curry favor or engender loyalty.

In Spencer’s mind, everyone has a price.

The idea, of course, that Drew Buchanan could be bought off or that I have any special influence over him is laughable to anyone that knows Drew. And while I don’t have half the integrity that Drew does, there isn’t enough money in the world to get me behind someone as gutless and morally bankrupt as Brian Spencer.

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